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The Center for American Studies is among the oldest and most prestigious European institutions dedicated to the study of the United States, its culture and society. It is housed in an impressive Renaissance palace in the heart of Rome, the main floor of the Palazzo Antici-Mattei, with a charming loggia and a richly frescoed gallery.

The Center has two main aims: to promote cultural exchange between Italy and the United States and to support American Studies in Italy.

The Institute’s activities include public programs by leading foreign and Italian intellectuals and policy-makers, conferences, and focused seminars.

The Library of the Center for American Studies dates back to the initiative of H. Nelson Gay (1870-1932), an American author and scholar who lived in Italy from 1898 until his death. In 1918 he established a “Library for American studies in Italy,” which was opened to the public in 1920; 2018 will mark the centenary of his initiative.

From an initial endowment of about 10,000 volumes in the early 1920s, the Library now houses a rich collection of more than 50,000 titles, including rare and early printed books, periodicals and academic journals, as well as a growing number of electronic resources. Its main focus is on issues relating to the history, literature, politics, and foreign relations of the United States. The Archives preserve relevant documentation on the history of the Center.

The Library’s Reading Room is an inspiring place to work and access the Library’s collections. WiFi is provided in public areas, as well as inside our Reading Room. The library also provides local users with global library resources, through WorldShare Interlibrary Loan.

Through social media, the Library shares historic content from its collections, as well as information on new acquisitions, and news covering U.S. politics, society, culture, and more.

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