CG Countryman Encourages Women to #BeBoldForChange

Consul General Countryman giving remarks during the #IWD2017 event hosted by the Allied Joint Force Command Naples

March 8, 2017

“Things have become easier as I moved up in my career path, but not because my job is easier. Things have become easier also because men have changed their mindsets, and are now very supportive of women in the workplace.”

Consul General Countryman spoke at an International Women’s Day event hosted by the Allied Joint Force Command Naples to celebrate the economic, cultural and political achievements of women over the last century. She highlighted the State Department’s efforts to empower women around the world and promote equal career opportunities.

The event, hosted by Canadian Air Force Lieutenant-General Alain Parent, showcased the impact of women in NATO and other environments, both military and civilian, and featured nine key speakers, including U.S. Navy Admiral Michelle Howard, Commander of JFC Naples.

image of people
Consul General alongside the other leaders who spoke at the event