Consul General Philip Reeker at the Whirlpool EMEA headquarters

Consul General Philip Reeker at new EMEA HQ visiting flagship showroom The World of Whirlpool.

On July 13, Philip Reeker visited the new Whirlpool Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Pero, near Milan.

The award-winning building was inaugurated in May by Prime Minister Gentiloni.  CG Reeker was welcomed by Davide Castiglioni, Vice President of Whirlpool EMEA and Managing Director of Whirlpool Italy.

Castiglioni gave a company presentation and explained how Whirlpool EMEA was born in 1989 with the acquisition of Ignis (Italian) and Philips (Dutch), companies that were traditionally headquartered in Comerio, near Varese.

In Italy, Whirlpool EMEA has six industrial sites with 6,000 employees and two research and development centers.

Whirlpool is firmly committed to keeping its EMEA headquarters in Italy thanks to the country’s excellent design centers, Industria 4.0 (the GOI’s technology investment incentives), and high quality workforce.