Consul General Philip Reeker’s Visit and Interview at La Stampa (Turin)

Consul General, Amb. Philip T. Reeker interviewed by Luca Ferrua

September 19, 2017

On September 19 Consul General Philip Reeker paid a courtesy call on Maurizio Molinari, the Editor-in-chief of Turin-based influential daily La Stampa. The CG had the opportunity to meet and talk with Molinari and Deputy Editor-in-chief Luca Ubaldeschi, who led CG Reeker on a tour of the newsroom and the “newseum,” a collection of memorabilia from La Stampa’s history.

The CG also did a farewell video interview with Luca Ferrua, the chief of the Turin pages. In the interview the CG expressed his admiration for the city of Turin, saying “Turin is a little Paris,” and highlighted how the 2006 Winter Olympics represented a turning point in the international visibility of the capital of Piedmont, becoming an important tourism destination. The city also has a long history as the headquarters of Italian automotive industry giant Fiat Chrysler.

The interview was posted on La Stampa/Turin’s online webpage and published in the print edition on Thursday September 21.

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