Consul General Visits “Ecosistemi” Art Exhibition Featuring Work by Fulbright Alumna Victoria DeBlassie

Consul General Abigail M. Rupp and the director of the British Institute Julia Race.

Ecosystems Art Exhibition

 February 2, 2017

On February 2, Consul General Abigail M. Rupp visited the “Ecosistemi” art exhibition at the Biagiotti Progetto Arte Gallery which features exhibitions of eight international artists, including that of Fulbright alumna Victoria DeBlassie.  DeBlassie uses discarded objects and materials to create art work that suggests change and development over time.  She also applies a special technique to the peels of citrus fruit to prevent their deterioration and stitches the peels together, forming tapestries.

The “Ecosistemi” exhibition was developed by the Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation to raise people’s awareness and help them to reflect on the state of our planet and what we can do as responsible citizens.  The exhibition deals with key issues of our times, such as waste reduction, recycling, environmental sustainability, and the relationship between man and nature.