DAI Request for Proposals – RFP INVEST-044 Italy ESF Part 1: Catalytic Contribution, May 12, 2020

May 12, 2020

Dear potential offeror:

Please see attached a Request for Proposal (RFP) and accompanying Statement of Objectives (SOO) to support the implementation of the USAID Economic Support Fund for Italy. DAI invites firms to submit a proposal for RFP-044 Italy ESF Part 1: Catalytic Contribution, to be funded by USAID.

IMPORTANT: This RFP INVEST-044 (Part 1: Catalytic Contribution) is one of two companion RFPs (RFP-044 and RFP-045). Offerors may apply to either or both RFPs. Should a firm (or consortium) wish to apply to both RFPs, separate proposals must be submitted for each, responding to the specific evaluation criteria outlined in each RFP. However, submissions made to both RFPs from the same firm or consortium should concisely reference how the proposals are complementary.

Questions must be submitted, in English, no later than 1:00pm EDT (19:00 CEST) on May 18, 2020 via email to INVEST_Procurement@dai.com. DAI will provide written responses to all questions received to all potential bidders. There is no opportunity for direct communication between potential bidders and USAID or INVEST during the live procurement process, so all questions should be submitted through the official process prior to the due date. DAI anticipates hosting a Bidders’ Teleconference at 9:00 am EDT (15:00 CEST) on May 21, 2020. Details will be sent closer to the date.

Proposals must be submitted, in English, no later than 1:00pm EDT (19:00 CEST) on June 3, 2020 via email to INVEST_Procurement@dai.com, copying Katherine_Tilahun@dai.comMatthew_Mitchell@dai.com, and Talin_Baghdadlian@dai.com.

Potential offerors are encouraged to visit the INVEST Procurement Forecast website to read more about the procurement process and to review helpful tips for responding to INVEST proposals.

Issuance of this solicitation does not constitute a commitment, award, or engagement on the part of DAI nor does it commit DAI to any future commitment, award, or engagement. However, we will use responses submitted to assess whether procurement for these technical services is appropriate to meet USAID’s needs.

INVEST looks forward to receiving your proposal.

INVEST Procurement and Partnerships Team


Please see the attachments below: