Demonstration Alert: U. S. Consulate General Milan, December 19, 2018

Event: There will be a march/demonstration today beginning at 16:00 when approximately 200 street market workers will gather at Bastioni di Porta Venezia to protest against the future “Area B,” an area where it will be impossible to access with polluting vehicles.  Demonstrators will follow this route:  Viale Majno, Viale Bianca Maria, Viale Regina Margherita, Viale Caldara, Viale Filippetti, Viale Beatrice d’Este, Viale G. Galeazzo, and will end in Piazza XXIV Maggio between approximately 18:00 and 19:00.  We expect the demonstration will be peaceful, however traffic will be affected.

Location: The demonstration will begin at Porta Venezia and will end at Piazza XXIV Maggio, Milan, Italy. (please see map below)

Actions to Take:

  • Monitor the local media for updates
  • Avoid the areas in the vicinities noted
  • Exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gathering or protest