Information Resource Center

The Information Resource Center (IRC) provides research and reference services for Italian institutions and professionals on various aspects of United States policy: international relations, Italy-U.S. relations, the environment, climate change, economy, U.S. society, values and politics, and global issues.  IRC services are available to any member of the Italian public in need of US-based information and resources.

The IRC maintains an online collection of interdisciplinary reference documents, government publications, and think tank reports. The IRC has 35 U.S. printed magazines and access to thousands of journal articles via online databases.

Some examples of information we can provide include:

  • A speech or statement by the U.S. President, Secretary of State or other Cabinet Member
  • The U.S. position on current hot topics
  • Reports from U.S. think tanks and research institutes
  • Information on bilateral U.S.-Italy relations
  • U.S. legislation and regulations
  • Recent articles from American newspapers, journals and other periodicals
  • Biographical information about American government, political, cultural or business leaders
  • Treaties between Italy and the United States

Researchers, government offices, members of the Italian Parliament and their staffers, journalists, university faculty and libraries are all regular users. Queries are accepted by email, fax, telephone or in person (by appointment) during our office hours of 9.00 – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

The IRC is also involved in helping teachers and students learn more about the United States in a variety of ways.  Please contact us directly for more information.

Please note, the Information Resource Center cannot respond to questions on Visas or other Consular matters.  Please visit the appropriate webpages on these matters.