Youth Council

U.S. Embassy Rome is looking for young people living in Rome between the ages of 18-25 to join the Embassy’s next Youth Council. The Youth Council (YC) group’s primary focus is to advise the Embassy on youth-related issues and to design and run youth-focused projects funded by the Embassy.

U.S. Embassy Rome Youth Council
Youth Council (YC) is a State Department initiative, led by the Office of Global Youth Issues. U.S. embassies and consulates around the world have established Youth Councils as mechanisms to partner with emerging young leaders to address shared challenges and as platforms to receive policy input from young leaders. The Youth Council aims to strengthen a sense of active citizenship among the youth of Italy through leadership, outreach, and civic engagement.  The Youth Council aims to empower Italian youth by connecting and inspiring change, raising awareness of key youth issues, providing a forum in which to address their concerns, and finding and implementing solutions. The Youth Council serves as an advisory board for the Public Diplomacy Section and the Embassy on youth-related issues and its primary focus is to design and run youth-focused projects together.

What does the Youth Council membership include?

  • Creating opportunities for innovative young Italian leaders to meet with and exchange ideas with U.S., Italian, and international experts.
  • Devising creative, practical, and concrete solutions to the problems and issues facing young Italians today
  • Designing and implementing youth-related projects  in areas including, but not limited to: international relations, diplomacy, American culture, social media and communication, education, environmental issues, digitalization, diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Training opportunities (e.g. fundraising, leadership, social media, project management)
  • Meetings with  U.S. diplomats to discuss youth-related issues
  • Participation in various Embassy events
  • 1 year membership with the possibility to extend for a second year
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the program

Who are we looking for?
Young people with a strong interest in one of these areas:
International Relations
American culture/American Studies
Community engagement/social media/graphic design
Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility
Fluency in English is desired but not required.

How to apply
In order to apply, please submit your application by April 30th 2023 to filling this form

The preferred language of the application is English. However, we will consider applications written in Italian as well. If you have additional questions, please contact Raissa Brighi