U.S. Consular Agency Palermo

The Consular Agency assists US citizens in cases of emergency including, but not limited to, those arising from death, hospitalization, illness, arrest, and crime victimization. If such an emergency should arise, please call the 24 hour emergency hotline at Naples: 081 5838 111 . Citizens with lost or stolen passports must go in person to apply for a same-day emergency passport at one of the following Consulates in Italy: Milan, Florence, Rome or Naples. The Palermo office does not offer same-day passport services.
SEE OUR SECTION ON EMERGENCY SERVICES on: https://it.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/

Passport and Citizenship Services

The Consular Agency in Palermo accepts all applications for passport renewals and US citizen birth registrations (Consular Reports of Birth Abroad) by appointment only.  For detailed information on the documentation required for these services please consult the pages on U.S. Citizen services.

Notarial Services

Notarial services, including signature notarizations, certified copies of documents and marriage affidavits,(“nulla osta”)  are performed by appointment only. You will need to present a valid photo ID (such as a passport or carta d’identita) in the name in which you will be signing the notarial,  in addition to the documents required for the service.  Fees are paid in euro cash or credit card;  please inquire about current fees when making your appointment.  If the document to be notarized specifically requests witnesses, you must arrange for them to accompany you to your appointment. The Consular Agent cannot sign as a witness.

U.S. Visa Services

The Consular Agency in Palermo does NOT provide U.S. visa services. For information on visas, or to schedule an appointment, please see the Visa Information webpages.

Consular Agency Palermo Hours of Operation

Non-emergency services are offered Monday through Friday mornings,  based on availability and current pandemic regulations, and are by appointment only. Please call or email the office with a detailed appointment request. Immediate appointments for non-emergency services cannot be guaranteed so please be sure to schedule your appointment ahead of any travel or other deadlines you may have. The Consular Agency is closed on all American and Italian holidays and during the year 2022 on April 11 through April15, July 5, July 15, August 12 through August 26 and December 26 through December 30.

Location and Contact Information

The Consular Agency is located at Via Giovan Batista Vaccarini #1.  Buses (#101 or #107) from the Central train station run frequently and  the bus stop is conveniently located near our office.

If you are travelling on the highway, the nearest exit to our office is Via Lazio.

Via G.B. Vaccarini #1
Palermo 90143
Phone: (+39) 091 30 5857
E-mail: USCitizensPalermo@state.gov