Defense Acquisition Environment, and the Way Ahead

The defensive armaments market in Italy is a complex, but potentially rewarding, arena for many U.S. defense firms. An American company looking to do business in Italy should become familiar with the key factors that determine success or failure in this unique setting.

These factors include:

  • Defense requirements at service, Ministry of Defense (MOD) and legislative levels
  • Italian defense procurement
  • organizations
  • process and timing
  • Indigenous and European competition
  • Marketing options
  • Defense industrial policy
  • Budget forecasts
  • Funding sources

ODC can help prospective companies and program mangers learn what it takes to succeed where others have failed. Just as important, ODC Rome can also point out where marketing efforts have the least likelihood of bearing fruit. Whether it’s cooperative armaments programs, licensing, direct commercial or foreign military sales, the Office of Defense Cooperation in Rome is a great place to start.

To obtain our support, simply contact the appropriate Foreign Military Sales or Defense Cooperative Armaments offices listed in the “Staff Functions and Personnel” section. We’ll gladly meet with your firm’s marketing representatives to review your strategy.