International Training and Exchange Programs

The primary goal of the Italian training program is to ensure a well-trained, professionally educated, combat-ready force. Standardization and Interoperability are key to ensure success of combined-joint operations. The Italian Military strongly supports interoperability and has been one of Europe’s strongest supporters of U.S. initiatives. The goal is to continue to build high levels of interoperability through common military standards, knowledge, training, leadership networking, and experience.

Italy is a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) country and the Italian FMS Training Program is very successful.

The Italians annually participate in the following PME courses:

National Defense University (NWC or ICAF); U.S. Army War College, International Fellows Program; U.S. Army International Level Education; Sergeants Major Academy; U.S. Air Force War College; U.S. Naval Command College; U.S. Marine Corps Command and Staff College; Expeditionary Warfare School. Italian Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers attend technical schools in the U.S. and also attend English language training. Upon request of the respective Italian military service, various U.S. Mobile Training Teams deploy to Italy from the U.S. to train Italian personnel on specific weapon systems. The Italian services attend MQ-9, MQ-1, Special Forces training, EOD, and Combat Medic courses as well which shows Italy’s extensive use of U.S. training resources in preparation for battlefield deployments.

The Italian Air Force participates in the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) and the Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT). The Italian Navy trains its helicopter pilots with the U.S. Navy at Pensacola, Florida and its AV8B pilots with the USMC at Cherry Point, North Carolina. The Italian Army participates in the Euro NATO Helicopter Pilot Training Program (ENHPT) and trains its CH-47 pilots with the U.S. Army at Ft Rucker, Alabama and its Fixed Wing Pilots with the U.S. Navy at Pensacola, Florida and Corpus Christi, Texas.

ODC manages attendance to seminars at the George Marshall Center and at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies.

There are a number of exchange programs between the U.S. and the Italian military. The exchange programs cover the following areas:

  • C-130 aircraft pilot
  • A-10 (for Italy) and AMX pilot (for U.S.)
  • MQ-9 Pilot and Sensor Operator
  • Staff Officer
  • AV-8B II Plus “Harrier” Jet Pilots (Italian Navy and U.S. Marine Corps).
  • Students at each country’s respective Army Intermediate and Advanced Service Schools.

For information on international military training and exchange programs call: (+39) 06-4674-2516.