ODC Mission and Goals


  • Support NATO and U.S. national security policy objectives, and U.S. military stationed in Italy.
  • Support U.S. and Italian national interests by fostering cooperation with NATO, Italian governmental and military agencies and organizations.
  • Administer the U.S. Security Assistance Program for Italy.
  • Facilitate cooperation in defense-related programs between the U.S. and Italy.
  • Support U.S. industry in their defense-related equipment sales to Italy.
  • Facilitate host nation logistics support for U.S. Forces operating in, or passing through Italy during exercises, contingency operations, or war.
  • Coordinate infrastructure and in-country support requirements for U.S. Forces stationed in Italy.
  • Provide advice, counsel and support as an integral part of the Ambassador’s country team.


  • Ensure the smooth execution of all USEUCOM Operations based in or supported from Italy, including flow of forces deploying or re-deploying via Italy.
  • Facilitate an increase in Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales, giving equal weight to enhancement of Italian defense and coalition partner capability.
  • Implement major initiatives to enhance U.S./Italian interoperability and/or compatibility.
  • Consummate the U.S./Italian agreements which serve as a foundation for continued U.S. basing rights and large-scale facility modernization.
  • Host or sponsor Italian participation in major events to promote U.S./Italian cooperation in defense activities.