Staff Functions and Personnel

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2641
The Chief of ODC directs all actions pertaining to the basing of U.S. military stationed in Italy, fosters cooperation with Italian governmental and military organizations, directs the U.S. Security Assistance Program for Italy and facilitates cooperation in defense related programs between the U.S. and Italy.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2878
The Security Assistance Officer interfaces with the Italian military services to establish and process requirements that are to be satisfied via U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales programs. These include acquisition of major weapon systems and equipment items, including follow-on technical assistance and logistics support.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2516
The Training Programs Manager is responsible for all training purchased by the Italian military via Foreign Military Sales and develops training plans for newly acquired weapons systems. This includes Professional Military Education, pilot training, management training, technical courses and English language training. The Training Programs Manager also administers personnel exchange programs and Professional Military Education Exchanges between the U.S. and Italy.

Navy/Army – Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2565
Air Force– Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2564
The Defense Cooperation in Armaments staff serves as the in-country liaison between DOD acquisition agencies, the U.S. Defense industry, the Italian Ministry of Defense and associated Italian acquisition agencies. The goal is to foster cooperation through exchange of personnel; research, development, test, and evaluation of defense articles and equipment; and procurement of foreign technology, logistics, or support. Programs include:

  • Defense Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Information Exchange Program (IEA)
  • International Cooperative Research, Development, and Acquisition programs
  • Coalition Warfare Program (CWP)
  • Foreign Comparative Test (FCT) program, and
  • Defense Personnel Exchanges (e.g. Engineer, Scientist Exchange Program)

The staff assists in the he development of cooperative programs by investigating host nation capabilities, requirements, interest areas, and defense funding, then recommending cooperative opportunities to the DoD acquisition workforce and U.S. defense industry partners.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2361
The Ops, Plans and Agreements (OPA) Section facilitates Host Nation Support for U.S. Forces operating in or passing through Italian air, land or waterways during contingencies, exercises or war. They also coordinate Mutual Support Agreements between USEUCOM and the Government of Italy and serve as the principal Liaison Office between USEUCOM and all Italian Defense Military Staffs. Additionally, they establish and maintain all Small Unit Training Exchange program agreements between U.S. and Italian Forces. Finally, this staff provides assistance as required to U.S. Forces in dealings with other Italian authorities and agencies to coordinate and conduct these actions.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2590
The Logistics and Infrastructure staff is the focal point for all basing issues between the Italian Ministry of Defense, other ministries and U.S. Forces in Italy. They coordinate bilateral infrastructure negotiations, communications, customs and transportation issues pertaining to all U.S. military installations in Italy. In addition, these staff members provide assistance as required to U.S. Forces in dealings with customs, police and other Italian authorities.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2685
The Operations Chief is responsible for the DOD Country Clearance Program, Non-NATO personnel visit authorizations, ODC security, and Information System Management.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2294
The Administration Office manages the flow of correspondence, In & Out Processing, and handles Personnel actions for the ODC.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2182
The Budget and Finance Manager controls the ODC budget comprised of three separate funding sources. All ODC expenditures are worked through this office, including those related to ODC’s participation in the State Department International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) program.

Tel: (+39) 06-4674-2915
The Logistics specialist obtains and controls all supplies and equipment utilized by ODC. He also manages the maintenance and operation of ODC’s vehicles and also provides VIP transportation support.