Office of Public Affairs

Public diplomacy is the conduct of foreign relations directly with the average citizen of a country, rather than with officials of a country’s foreign ministry. The Public affairs sections at Embassy Rome and the Consulates General, with experienced and motivated American and local staff, build public understanding and support in Italy for America’s goals in the world. Here where media is so dominant, we talk to Italy and the world via television, radio, newspapers, the web and social networking media.

We also conduct people-to-people exchanges, where American experts, authors, artists, educators, and students interact with their peers here. Embassy Rome, with its huge interagency presence, in-house broadcast studio and a steady stream of high-level visits, offers an unmatched platform to tell America’s story to the world.

The Minister Counselor for Public Affairs (the “Public Affairs Officer,” or PAO) functions as the Ambassador‘s and the Mission’s senior advisor on public affairs and public diplomacy.

The Public Affairs section consists of these Departments:

The Press Office arranges press conferences, briefings and interviews, organizes dialogues for representative Americans with their Italian counterparts, provides texts, transcripts and explanatory articles stating and explaining United States policies, produces a daily digest of media opinion for the Ambassador and a daily report on Italian media reaction on U.S., international and bilateral issues which is distributed to top U.S. government officials in Washington and in Italy.

The Cultural Office develops and manages an array of exchange programs between various segments of Italian and American society, and administers United States government involvement in cultural and educational activities between Italy and the United States, including Fulbright.

Additional Information:


Office of Public Affairs
Embassy of the United States
via Sallustiana, 49 – 00187 Roma
Telephone: [+39] 06-4674-2368
Fax: [+39] 06-4674-2478

Minister Counselor for Public Affairs – Christina Tomlinson
Telephone: [+39] 06-4674-2368

Press Attaché – David Connell
Telephone: [+39] 06-4674-2426
Fax: [+39] 06-4674-2655

Cultural Attaché – Karen Schinnerer
Telephone: [+39] 4674-2330

Regional Public Engagement Specialist (formerly IRO) – Paula Kitendaugh
Telephone: [+39] 06-4674-2482

Public Affairs Officer – Yoon Nam
Via Principe Amedeo, 2/10 – 20121 Milano
Telephone: [+39] 02-2903-5503
Fax: [+39] 02-2903-5525

Lungarno Vespucci, 38 – 50123 Firenze
Telephone: [+39] 055-266-951
Fax: [+39] 055-2669-5270

Public Affairs Officer – Michelle Lee
Piazza della Repubblica – 80122 Napoli
Telephone: [+39] 081-669-989
Fax: [+39] 081-664-207

Representatives of the foreign media traveling on assignment to the United States require “I” classification visas.

They are not eligible to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program or enter the United States on B-1 business visas. Those who attempt to do so may be denied admission to the United States by immigration authorities at the port of entry.

Further information is available on the Consular Section Visa Requirements for Members of the Media page.