Joint Statement from President Biden and Prime Minister Meloni

The White House

JULY 27, 2023


The United States and Italy commit to strengthen space cooperation, including through the creation of a “new space dialogue” to promote industrial cooperation with government support. Both reaffirm their partnership on space exploration and express, as original signatories, support for the principles of the Artemis Accords. The United States and Italy recognize the importance of addressing space threats through norms, rules, and principles of responsible behaviors, and welcome innovative new commercial space partnerships, including to advance human spaceflight. Both sides look to encourage further space-related investments, and industrial collaboration, including on commercial space stations.


The leaders also commit to strengthen bilateral collaboration in science and technology research and development, anchored in values of democracy, equity, fair competition, freedom of inquiry, openness, research integrity and transparency. Both sides confirm their shared objective to foster high quality and equitable education, including through partnerships between respective high schools and universities and arrangements for joint or double degrees. Initiatives to promote the study of languages and cultures and broader people-to-people exchanges are especially important in this approach, including the flagship U.S.-Italy Fulbright Program, which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023. Both countries intend to develop new ways to enhance high level research and exchanges, including through the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America. The United States and Italy also commit to continue working together to protect and preserve cultural heritage, including within the framework of the U.S.-Italy bilateral cultural heritage agreement.