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Demonstration Alert: Demonstration in Rome, Italy on Saturday, June 16, 2018

Today, Wednesday June 6, 2018 there will be a static demonstration sponsored by the “Movement for the House” (Movimenti per la Casa) to protest the policies of the new government.  The demonstration will take place in Piazza Santissimi Apostoli (See Attached Map).  It will start at 1:00pm and will end at 7:00pm. Police are expecting ...
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Remarks by Ambassador Eisenberg at the Reception of the Fulbright 70th Anniversary

We are here today because a young American Senator, J. William Fulbright, conceived the idea in the aftermath of the Second World War to establish a cultural and educational exchange program between the United States and countries around the world. The Fulbright program was established in Italy in 1948.  Since its inception, more than 10,000 ...
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Remarks by Ambassador Eisenberg at Fulbright 70th Anniversary

I am delighted to be here today to celebrate with you the 70th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Italy.  This program was conceived by the young American Senator J. William Fulbright and approved by the Congress in 1946. He suggested selling surplus materials from World War II and putting the proceeds toward an international ...
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