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A beginner’s guide to America

Hakakian and her mother had arrived — as Jewish Iranian refugees — in the U.S in 1985, after Hakakian had come of age during the upheaval and aftermath of the 1979 revolution in her home country. Hakakian is a human rights activist, poet and author whose new book is A Beginner’s Guide to America. On a day ...
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World Press Freedom Day

Tomorrow, the United States joins the international community in celebrating World Press Freedom Day.  Information and knowledge are powerful tools, and a free and independent press is the core institution connecting publics to the information they need to advocate for themselves, make informed decisions, and hold governmental officials accountable.  The United States advocates for press freedom ...
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How the U.S. supports workers’ rights around the world

The United States partners with other countries and international organizations to protect and empower workers around the world. By supporting international labor groups and leveraging trade and development projects, the United States contributes to the protection of workers’ rights and better working conditions for many of the world’s workers.
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