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Ambassador Phillips hosts screening of “Il Sindaco Pescatore”

[...] During his three terms as mayor of Pollica, Mr. Vassallo pushed for monumental changes. He used his experience as a fisherman and his love of the sea to inspire his campaign against marine pollution through seabed cleaning projects and waste-water treatment. His efforts earned his town a “5-sail” rating from Guida Blu for its ...
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Museums and Cultural Landscapes – ICOM Reception at the Consul General Residence

On Thursday July 7, Consul General Amb. Philip Reeker hosted a reception at his private residence for 160 members of the ICOM-US delegation to the 2016 ICOM Triennial , that took place in Milan July 3-9. The 24th General Conference theme was “Museums and Cultural Landscapes.” Consul General Philip Reeker highlighted in his remarks how ICOM-US had the ...
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Independence Day 2016 at Villa Taverna

[...] Tonight, you can see images of many of America’s parks and monuments on the video screens throughout the garden. I hope you all have the chance to visit these sites in person…they are truly amazing and are the patrimony for the entire world, not just of the American people. These sites are truly worth ...
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