Professor Thomas Lee Tours Northern Italy

Professor Thomas Lee at the rountable discussion with Rete Lenford

U.S. Constitutional Professor Thomas Lee Tours Northern Italy Speaking on “SCOTUS rulings and Presidential Elections.”

October 11-14, 2016

Professor Thomas Lee, an expert on U.S. constitutional and international law, with special expertise in federal courts, national security, the US Supreme Court, foreign relations, international arbitration, and the law of war, lectured to university students and lawyers in Genoa, Torino, Milan and Como, on the Obama presidency through the lens of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of United States) rulings.

GENOA: On Tuesday October 11th, Professor Thomas Lee lectured throughout the day to Political Science and Law courses of the State University in Genoa, on a number of different topics, i.e. the constitutional requirements to be elected to the American Presidency, International Law and the Law of War, International Relations Theory and Preemptive War.

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Professor Thomas Lee at the University of Turin

TURIN: On Wednesday October 12th to an audience of 170+ undergraduate and graduate Law and International Relation students at the Turin State University, Professor Lee lectured on “The USA Presidential Elections: checks and balances limiting the President’s powers.” Professor Thomas Lee explained the seven articles of the U.S. Constitution to Italian students. The event was hosted by Professor Silvia Ferreri. The Turin program featured post’s first-ever institutional cooperation between the Law School at the Turin State University and the U.S.

MILAN: Professor Lee’s stop in Milan included four different programs.  At Milan State University, within a lecture chaired by Professor Nicolò Zanon, member of the Italian Constitutional Court, Lee spoke on “Bush vs. Gore – Explaining the Case and Prospects for An Intervention of the US Supreme Court in a Presidential Election.” 50+ graduate and Ph.D. students, professors and researchers participated in the lecture.
In partnership with Rete Lenford, LGBT Lawyers association, Professor Lee held a seminar on the DOMA (Defence of Marriage Act) and Same-Sex marriage Supreme Court cases, to 30+ lawyers.

Bocconi University:  Consul General Amb. Philip Reeker gave opening remarks at Professor Lee’s final program, at the international conference, “The American Presidency after Barack Obama (2009-2016),” where he also presented a paper on “The Obama Presidency, a historical perspective.”  Audience included 100+ academics and students from the U.S. and Europe.

COMO:  To an audience of 50+ university students, at the School of Law of the Universita’ degli Studi dell’Insubria, based in Como, Professor Lee’s lecture again on “The Legacy of the Obama Presidency” followed by an extensive Q&A session.

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Consul General Amb. Philip Reeker at the Bocconi University