Reception in honor of Moses Pendleton and the MOMIX Dance Company

February 25, 2019
Villa Pinciana, Rome

(As prepared for delivery)

Buonasera e benvenuti a tutti.

Siamo onorati di ospitare il fondatore dei Momix Moses Pendleton, celebre coreografo americano e con lui salutiamo la compagnia di danza apprezzata in tutto il mondo per i suoi spettacoli di eccezionale inventiva e bellezza.

Good evening and welcome to Villa Pinciana. We are privileged to have with us tonight Moses Pendleton, one of America’s most innovative and accomplished choreographers.  We are also honored to host the  MOMIX troupe.  MOMIX is an internationally-acclaimed  dance company that Mr. Pendleton founded in 1980.  It is known world-wide for creating works of exceptional inventiveness and physical beauty.

MOMIX is presenting the world premiere of its newest creation, Alice, at the Teatro Olimpico, as part of the ninth edition of the International Dance Festival. The festival is organized in collaboration with the prestigious Accademia Filarmonica Romana.

Pendleton has collaborated with the Accademia Filarmonica and the Teatro Olimpico for nearly 40 years, and in 2012, the Accademia Filarmonica Romana appointed him an Accademico, a member of their academy. He is the first choreographer ever to receive such a distinction.

On behalf of Ambassador Eisenberg and the U.S. Mission to Italy, thank you to the Teatro Olimpico and the Accademia Filarmonica Romana for your amazing work in organizing such a wonderful festival, and, of course, for inviting Moses Pendleton and MOMIX to participate in it. A special thanks to: Paolo Baratta, President, Accademia Filarmonica Romana and also President of the Venice Biennale, Lucia Bocca, Montefoschi, Artistic Director, Teatro Olimpico, Simona Manzoni, Director of Marketing, Teatro Olimpico, Francesca Pugliese, Director, Teatro Olimpico;

We are most grateful to Moses Pendleton and MOMIX for their extraordinary contributions to contemporary dance.

Now I would like to invite our Guest of Honor, Moses Pendleton, to say a few words.