U.S. Government Contractors (Accredited Technical Representatives & Civilian Personnel)

Technical Representatives (TRs) are persons who have a high degree of skill, or knowledge, in the systematic procedures by which a complex or scientific task is accomplished, as distinguished from routine mental or physical processes. The skills and knowledge must have been acquired through higher education or through a long period of specialized training and experience.

Civilian personnel are “Civilian component” plus persons who are closely affiliated with the United States Forces and under their authority, but are not employed directly by them, on the condition that the presence of such persons in Italy is recognized by both governments as necessary in connection with the functioning of the installations. Such persons include: (1) Employees of other U.S. Government Departments; (2) Essential personnel of the USO, credit unions, schools/universities (other than Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDs)) and the Red Cross.

U.S. Government Contractors are required to have a Regular (blue) passport to enter Italy.

Passport Application Information

A Mission visa is required when assignments are longer than ninety (90) days. A Mission visa will not be granted for assignments less than ninety (90) days. The U.S. Sending State Office (USSSO) in Rome is designated as the accrediting officer. Prior to contractor accreditation, contracts must be submitted to and approved by the Defense Contractor Personnel Office (DOCPER). Once the contract is approved, the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) will work with DOCPER in the European Contractor Online Processing System (ECOPS) through the accreditation process.

*Not all U.S. Government Contractors will be accredited. Accreditation is dependent upon the particular terms as well as length of assignment and personnel experience.*

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