U.S. Government Support for the Italian Private Sector to Fight COVID-19

November 12, 2020


As part of the ongoing U.S. assistance to Italy to fight COVID-19, on November 12, Ambassador Eisenberg virtually met with four companies which are the recipients of U.S. government grants through USAID’s INVEST program.

Through this initiative, the United States will give funding to businesses to assist with the research, development, or manufacture of therapeutics, vaccines, medical equipment, and supplies to respond to COVID-19.

The United States government, through the Agency for International Development (USAID), is working with Italian, European, and American businesses to help increase the local manufacture of PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators, COVID-19 tests, and other medical supplies in the areas of Italy that were most affected by the pandemic.

The companies involved in this effort are: DEM Consulting, Roncucci & Partners s.r.l., Interlink Capital Strategies, and PEDAL Consulting (see more information below).

These grants are only one part of the U.S. assistance package for Italy. The United States has also given thirty million dollars to non-governmental organizations operating in Italy, including the Italian Red Cross, the Rotary Club, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, AVSI, CUAMM, and others. The United States has also donated some 20 million dollars in medical equipment and supplies to Italy through both USAID and the U.S. military.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out in Italy, the United States moved quickly to support our friend and partner with a broad range of resources. With the 10 million dollars in grants to the private sector, to date the United States has provided a total of 60 million dollars in assistance to Italy through the U.S. military and USAID.

The United States stands with the people of Italy as they respond to the pandemic and its social and economic effects