Uniformed Military Personnel

The NATO SOFA exempts military personnel from any visa requirements. Uniformed personnel may enter Italy on solely their military orders, CAC, and NATO Travel Orders, although note that if NATO Travel Orders are not issued inbound PCSing personnel should enter with ONLY their CAC and PCS orders. If your new duty station will require you to travel on official business to non-NATO countries, you are authorized to obtain a Special Issuance Official (maroon) passport.

To obtain NATO travel orders, your local command/unit can generate these and sign them.

NATO Travel Order Template

To obtain an Official passport please follow the DD Form 1056 instructions provided in the link below.

Department of Defense Passport Matters

If you find that you require an Official passport once you have reported to your duty station, please find information below.

USAG Italy Passport Office

Aviano Passport Page

Additionally, it is recommended that military personnel obtain a Regular “Tourist Passport” (blue) for unofficial “personal” travel (most hotels require passports for identification). Military personnel can apply for a Regular passport prior to their departure or through their regional American Consulate once in Italy.

Passport Application Information

Consulate Information and Hours of Operation