Visa and Passport Guidance for Personnel Transferring to Italy

U.S. Military members, government civilian employees, contractors, and their dependents live in Italy pursuant to the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). U.S. Military members stationed in Italy may enter Italy with their ID card and orders. They are not required to have a passport or a visa to enter and remain in Italy. However, U.S. Government civilian employees and all dependents who are not EU citizens are required to have an official or no-fee passport and Mission Visa to enter Italy. Within eight days of arrival dependents and civilian employees must apply for a Soggiorno Permit which certifies the member as a temporary legal resident of Italy. The Italian government issues these documents to those individuals who are here solely for the purpose of the U.S. Military mission and, therefore, have “SOFA protected” status.

Types of US Special Issuance Passports: Official (maroon), Diplomatic (black), No-Fee Regular (blue) and Service (grey).

Types of Passports

The Regular (blue) Passport, also known as "Tourist Passport" is not authorized for official travel. Personnel planning to perform unofficial (personal) travel during or in conjunction with their official overseas assignments, should obtain (at their own expense) a Regular (Tourist) Passport prior to departure from CONUS.

The Foreign Clearance Guide can also be reviewed for entry requirements.

To find information on what is required for your unique situation and further information and the application process, please choose the link that best describes your position:

Uniformed Military Personnel
Family Members (Dependents)
DoD Civilian Employees
U.S. Government Contractors (Technical Representatives & Civilian Personnel)
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