Australian Professional Specialty Visas (E-3)

The E-3 visa classification applies only to nationals of Australia, their spouses and children under the age of 21.  E-3 principal applicants must be going to the United States solely to work in a specialty occupation. The spouse and children need not be Australian citizens.  If your spouse, partner and/or children under the age of 21 wish to accompany or join you for the duration of your stay, they may be eligible to apply for derivative visas.

Applicants who do not reside in Italy are strongly encouraged to apply in their country of residence as appointment availability in Italy for non-residents is limited.

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Please use the e-mail subject line:
W11 – Your full name – Company name – E3 Visa Application

To apply for an E3 visa you are required to electronically submit an E visa package, consisting of the below mentioned forms and documents, to

  • Confirmation page of the online nonimmigrant visa application form DS-160;
  • Receipt showing payment of the non-refundable application fee;
  • Form G-28 “Notice of Entry of Appearance of Attorney as Representative”, if you will be represented in this matter by an attorney;
  • A job offer letter or other documentation from the prospective United States-based employer establishing that upon entry into the United States you will be engaged in qualifying work in a specialty occupation and that you will be paid the actual or prevailing wage;
  • The approved Labor Condition Application, Form ETA 9035E, specified for “E-3Australia”;
  • Evidence of the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials. A certified copy of the foreign degree and evidence that it is equivalent to the required U.S. degree could be used to satisfy the “qualifying credentials” requirement. Likewise, a certified copy of a U.S. baccalaureate or higher degree, as required by the specialty occupation, would meet the minimum evidentiary standard. In the absence of an academic or other qualifying credential(s), you may submit evidence of education and experience that is equivalent to the required U.S. degree, and if required
  • A certified copy of any required license or other official permission to practice the occupation in the state of intended employment if so required or, where licensure is not necessary to commence employment immediately upon admission, evidence that you will be obtaining the required license within a reasonable time after admission.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your package.  If your package is incomplete or incorrectly formatted, it will be returned.Once your application has been reviewed by the E Visa Unit and any requested additional information received, you will receive an email through the online notification system to schedule an interview.

Reminder: We always recommend that individuals apply for visas well in advance of their proposed date of travel. No assurances regarding the issuance of visas can be given in advance. Therefore, final travel plans or the purchase of nonrefundable ticket should not be made until a visa has been issued and you are in receipt of the passport.