U.S. Speaker Fashion Entrepreneur Inspires Women Entrepreneurs in Palermo

Elissa Bloom meeting the women involved in the project “Filo da torcere”

March 13, 2019

The importance of product, the value of marketing, the identification of the target audience: these are the fundamental aspects for achieving a successful business.

Elissa Bloom – Executive Director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Center City – shared best practices, case studies and lessons learned with NGOs, entrepreneurships, and fashion business associations at three different venues in Palermo.

First she met with a group of women of different nationalities currently involved in the project “Filo da torcere” supported by the NGO Casa Santa Chiara and aimed at empowering women through the development of artisanal textile skills.

Elissa Bloom also visited Sartoria Sociale – Cooperativa Sociale Al Revés, a textile and creative lab – located in a building seized from the mafia – where professional tailors and social workers are offering a second chance to people coming from challenging backgrounds.

She also spoke on entrepreneurship to an audience of artisans, small business owners and members of trade associations, to share her perspectives on “Lessons Learned on the Road Less Travelled” and “Social Media Incubator is Making Over the Fashion Industry.”