Young Voters on the U.S. Presidential Election

March 16, 2016

Presidential-Elections465x331On March 16th, Consulate Milan in collaboration with IV alumni Yuri Guaiana, the “English Corner” English-language teaching school, and Open Milan, bookstore/café in the Porta Romana area, hosted, “Discussing the 2016 Presidential Elections.”  Five American Interns discussed the U.S. presidential elections in details.

Each intern discussed one of the five remaining candidates in the presidential race and briefly spoke about the election process; including the political parties and the nomination process.  The topics discussed by each of the interns included the candidates’ stances on foreign policy, immigration, health care, and tax reform. These topics reflect some of the major concerns of the new voting generation, commonly referred to as Millennials.

After the general policies of the candidates were outlined, a foreign policy journalist from Corriere della Sera started off the Q&A portion of the event by asking about Donald Trump and his impact on the Republican Party, the presidential election, and the political process in the United States. Quickly the audience began to chime in with questions of their own with each answer generating new questions.